Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas 


Touring the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas borders on an out-of-body experience. The magnificent site boasts epic proportions, stretching some 270 miles in length, four- to as much as 18-miles in width, and more than a mile deep! Fortunately for travelers, the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is well within reach. From Las Vegas, it’s just a hop, skip, and jump away whether by plane or helicopter. 


On average, it’s takes about 90 minutes to fly the 300 miles from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. During the journey to and from the “Natural Wonder of the World,” you’ll see more than a fair share of dramatic sights.  For one, you’ll get to behold the glittering spectacle that is the Las Vegas Strip from hundreds of feet in the air—a perspective few others can claim to have experienced. Another awesome attraction is the Hoover Dam, which borders and impounds Lake Mead. At over 700 ft. high and 1,200 ft. long, the dam is eye opening, and will consume your entire field of vision. 

Still, the Hoover Dam is nothing compared to the Grand Canyon, and you’ll see why during your aerial voyage to northern Arizona’s great gorge. Its steep sides are beyond description, and you’ll get to see them up-close on most any guided expedition. That’s especially true of the helicopter tours that land on the canyon floor! These excursions offer you the chance to look up at, instead of down at, its craggy, mile-high walls, as well as the opportunity to view and hear the rushing Colorado River below. At the same time, other tours give you time to explore the river itself while seated atop a pontoon boat. It’s a bucket list-type experience if there ever were one! 

On top of those helicopter tours, you can choose a fixed-wing airplane to transport you to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. On these outings, you may find yourself streaking over and through the famous Dragon Corridor, the widest and deepest part of the natural landmark. Alternatively, you might choose an adventure that’ll take you to the adrenaline-inducing Skywalk, which is located at Grand Canyon West. You’ll land, and in a matter of minutes, pace 70-ft. beyond the canyon edge atop a U-shaped bridge that’s made from glass and steel! To look directly down to the canyon floor, more than 4,000 ft. beneath you, is awe-inspiring to the say the least. 

Finally, many tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas offer time in which to survey the terrain by foot. You’ll find ground transportation out to sites such as the South Rim’s historic Grand Canyon Village, where you can walk amidst fascinating sites like Kolb Studio and the El Tovar Hotel. Or, if you’re of the adventurous stripe, you could take the Bright Angel Trail down into the canyon. 

As you can see, there’s no shortage of tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, nor any lack of things to do once you get there. So take to the skies above Las Vegas, and make your way east to the most incredible place in the US…perhaps even the world!

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