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On Las Vegas tours, you’ll get to see more than just the insides of casinos and a few gravity-defying shows—you’ll get to see the desert landscapes, the bright lights, and the architectural wonders that are just minutes away. Sightseeing tours are designed to transport you around the city, while air tours will take you over and above it for a more “big picture” perspective, whether you stay within city limits or make your way out to the Hoover Dam. No matter how you frame it, however, a Las Vegas tour will enhance your overall experience in the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” 

Tons of Las Vegas tours are focused on sightseeing. On one of these sightseeing tours, you’ll probably spend most of your time around two main areas: the Las Vegas Strip and downtown Las Vegas. On the Strip, you’ll behold miles of man-made marvels and billions of glittering lights, thanks to a proliferation of casinos and hotels. As you drive around, you’ll check out Bellagio, a luxury casino and 4,000-room resort that boasts refined Italian styling, not to mention a series of dramatic fountains that erupt in harmony with a light show every 15-to-30 minutes, depending on the time of day. You’ll check out Luxor Las Vegas, as well, which is pyramid shaped and holds the distinction of being the second largest hotel in Las Vegas. Other worthwhile landmarks to view on a Las Vegas sightseeing tour are the replica Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, the fireball-spewing Volcano at The Mirage, and the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign on the Strip’s outskirts. 

Different Las Vegas tours will transport you to the downtown area. Here, you can check out the Fremont Street Casino District, where the original Las Vegas casinos still reside to this day. The most legendary among them are the Golden Nugget and The Pioneer Club, which is home to the iconic neon cowboy, Vegas Vic. Here as well is the Fremont Street Experience, a pedestrian mall that’s characterized by an enormous LED canopy that plays light and sound shows on an epic scale. 

Another unique way to experience Las Vegas tours  is from the air. There’s nothing quite like streaking through the skies above the city, and from there, taking in all the shimmering lights and unmistakable landmarks beneath. One particularly cool adventure is to ride a helicopter past the top of the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel, and Tower, at a height of 112 ft.! Another is to take the helicopter tour at dusk, when the artificial lights pop against the darkened night sky, and the colors in the horizon are pure magic. 

Air tour options don’t stop there, though. For more high-speed action, try a sky combat adventure where you’ll experience and even learn how to perform all sorts of in-flight maneuvers, like loops, hammerheads, rolls, and spins! Similarly, you can head out for an aerial dogfight against a live opponent, thanks to a state-of-the-art optical targeting system. It’s as close to real combat as it gets! 

Still other Las Vegas tours will take you to legendary local landmarks such as the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. These journeys are either by motor coach, airplane, or helicopter. A trip to the Hoover Dam is impressive, as you’ll get to look upon its massive concrete surface; believe it or not, the dam is over 1,200 ft. long, and 700 ft. high! Depending on the tour option selection, you could even find yourself inside of it, exploring its turbines, and walking around its highly informative visitor center. And one of the neatest parts about making your way out to the Hoover Dam is getting to behold Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country, with a maximum capacity of over 32 cubic kilometers! 

If you’re out at the Hoover Dam, however, you should consider pushing on to the Grand Canyon. Just a few hours east by car, or a few minutes by air transport, the Grand Canyon lives up to its billing. Las Vegas tours to the Grand Canyon will get you to the edge of the magnificent site, where you can look out at jagged rock spires and down to the Colorado River, or explore the historic Grand Canyon Village. Moreover, if you’re on an air tour, you can go beyond the edge and streak directly over it! Certain helicopter tours even land at the canyon floor, where a boat is waiting to take you for a brief ride on the Colorado. 

As you can tell, there’s no shortage of fantastic tours in Las Vegas. Sightseeing tours of the city will leave you visually dazzled and better acquainted with the lay of the land, while air tours above the Strip or out to the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon will astound your sense of imagination. So come discover Las Vegas today—by land or air!

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